About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ramesh Narasimhan.

I work as a finance professional for an existence and read, write, teach, sing, play and ‘give’ for living life to my heart’s content.

I have wanted to create a blog of my own for quit a while now, given my love for writing. But I have always wondered what is it that I would write about, if I had a blog of my own. Was there a specific subject that I wanted to write about? A single topic? The answer was a clear ‘No’.

How could I possibly restrict myself to writing only about a specific subject, when there is so much going on ? I thus, went on a thought spree.

” …the rose graces us with fragrance this moment, but the thorn seeks blood in the next…”

There are so many colorful moments in life, ones to be joyful about, while at the same time, there are moments we have to wade through, painfully. There is health but there is disease too, there is abundance but there is lack too. It is a complete package, life is.

And so I decided that this blog will be about anything and all of the things that make up this complete package, called ‘Life’. Indeed, it is a total package, resplendent with all its vagaries & vicissitudes, varieties & vulnerabilities. Yet, it never ceases to excite and amuse. The fragrance from the rose is worth the risk of pain that the thorn holds. In fact, more than worth it.

This is my first attempt at creating a blog. It is purely driven by my sheer love for life as much as love for writing. I wish to connect with as many of you as I can, with all my heart and share a fulfilling part of my life.

Through poetry & story-telling, fiction & non-fiction, life experiences & humor, music & spirituality, let a chord be struck. One that lasts through our life time.

Stay tuned for more:)



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