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The Connect

There are a few things in life that are as pristine and sacred as a father-daughter relationship. The beauty about this relationship is this: it is the child that creates the father of a normal human and teaches him how to be a good one at that. Continue reading

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It isn’t late, It isn’t hard… [ a poem in memory of 9/11]

A chilling act of sheer despise Fire spit out in the name of sacrifice The world stood still in utter dismay The pillars that soared sadly fell away An act so numbing and bereft of love Killing thousands of poor … Continue reading

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In this age of distractions and noise, it is important that we create our own little space of comfort & peace, in order to lead a healthy & happy life. To seek a sense of calmness amidst all the stress, to seek peace amidst all the chaos, is the biggest challenge of the modern man. This poem is about seeking such peace & serenity in this otherwise noisy & chaotic world. Continue reading

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A Pocketful of Life

It was dinner time at the Jones’ 7th floor apartment at Sixth Avenue. As had become a routine in recent times, Alph was preparing to set out the dinner table with a tired smile on this face, as Ronnie, his … Continue reading

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